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Amazon Web Services Generates 500 Jobs In Germany

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has claimed that it was producing 500 jobs in Germany and starting a new headquarters in Munich that will display what cloud computing can do for possible clients in the largest economy of the Europe. AWS, which developed out of the tech that operates on Amazon’s e-commerce service, is attaining scale in Germany after dealing with issues about privacy that resulted in many manufacturing companies in keeping their servers on-site.

“Those customers have overcome those security and compliance constraints and are now in level-up phase,” claimed general manager at AWS, Klaus Buerg, to the media “Due to that type of limitation, behavior, and habit in the past, they are now operating more like a fast follower versus a front runner,” he claimed to the media.

AWS has got a security certification for cloud computing from cyber-security authority of Germany, offering guarantees that data is secure even if it is hosted on distance servers outside the nation.

AWS at its Munich office is setting up a Digital Builders showroom, in association with Boston Consulting Group, which will provide hands-on chances to show use-case scenarios to potential clients. And, mutually with Siemens, it is establishing an Industrial Software showcase to show how cloud computing can show support for automation of manufacturing.

On a related note, earlier Amazon rolled out a new service dubbed as Textract for its Web Services users, and it is like optical character recognition but more powerful. It more than just removes text from files in the same manner as its name implies. Amazon claims that it can essentially detect different formats of the document and their material so it can churn them properly. The tool was developed to be capable of recognizing if it is taking text from forms and tables from documents, comprising scanned tax paperwork, receipts, or inventories. It then creates structured info that does not require human input.

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