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Avoid Making Major Decisions On An Empty Stomach—Research

It is a known fact that food shopping while starving is a bad idea but a new study from the University of Dundee indicates that people should avoid making any significant verdicts about the prospect on an empty stomach. The study was led by Dr. Benjamin Vincent—from the University of Dundee—discovered that hunger considerably changed people’s decision-making ability, making them annoyed and more expected to settle for a small incentive that arrives sooner than a bigger one promised at a later date. The volunteers during the study were asked questions regarding money, food, and other rewards when glutted and again when they had missed a meal.

As it was expected that hungry people were more inclined to settle for smaller food rewards that arrived sooner, the scientists discovered that being hungry in fact altered preferences for incentives entirely not related to food. This shows that an unwillingness to reschedule gratification might carry over in other kinds of choices, such as interpersonal and financial ones. Dr. Vincent thought that it is imperative that people know that starvation can impact their choices in ways they don’t unavoidably predict. There is also a risk that people encountering hunger owing to poverty might make choices that entrench their situation.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that food and alcohol decrease activity in “hunger neurons” through different brain pathways. The researchers at the UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) are discovering how the brain answers differently to two normally ingested rewards—which are food and alcohol—to comprehend how they change behavior and neural activity. The findings of the study were displayed at the 2019 Annual Summit of the SSIB (Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior), which is one of the main venues for research on drinking and eating.

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