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Only One-Third Of Women Take Up Proposed Cancer Screenings: New Study

In the recent time, the scientists from Queen Mary University of London and KCL (King’s College London) discovered that in spite of free cancer screening programs only 35% of patients take part in all offered programs. The women are recommended for screening for three kinds of cancer simultaneously in their 60s; for the last cervical screen before they exit the program, for breast screening every 3 Years, and for bowel examination every 2 Years. This illustrated that an average woman aged 60 Years can anticipate receiving 5 or 6 cancer screening requests by the time she turns 65. For this study, scientists categorized a sample of more than 3000 eligible women in their 60s as per to the last screening round. The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Medical Screening.

The outcomes showed that almost 35% of the women participated in all three screening programs; 27% of women participated in two programs; 17% participated for one type of screening, and 10% were not screened at all. They also revealed that general practices with a higher percentage of unemployed patients and a greater number of smokers had a lesser rate of uptake of all three screening programs. On the contrary, uptake was more often amongst practices in areas of fewer dispossessions, with a greater proportion of women having caring duties, those having long-term health circumstances, and those with a higher level of patient contentment with the practice itself.

Recently, the KCL was in the news as its study stated that moles on the body are largely swayed by genetics. The study was published in the Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research and discovered that genes have a higher influence than earlier thought on the number of moles an individual has and where they are on the body.

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