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HTC Will Pre-Install A Bitcoin Cash Wallet On Its Blockchain Handset

If a second blockchain handset did not make things obvious, HTC is still more serious about its crypto-handsets. This week, the firm declared a new association with that will witness all new Exodus 1 handsets launch with the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) wallet app pre-downloaded. On current devices, in the meantime, HTC will offer an update that installs the app to the handset.

As a fraction of the association, the online store has also began trading Exodus 1 handsets. In the coming period, if you do not plan on using your Bitcoin Cash, you will be capable of getting a discount on specific HTC handsets when you pay for a phone using Bitcoin Cash.

While this new association makes a lot of logic from HTC’s point of view, the Exodus 1 was believed to be more than “only” a Bitcoin handset. When HTC’s chief decentralized officer, Phil Chen, spoke to media about the handset, he defined it as “Trojan Horse” for “re-framing the web.”

Chen dreamt the handset as a method for users to control and secure their own personal info. By joining hands with, HTC is jumping into the least interesting factor of the handset. Certainly, the association probably comes out of the fact that HTC is grappling to stay alive. The firm requires finding a method to sell more handsets, and this assistance put the Exodus 1 in front of the users who might be most concerned about it.

On a related note, Valve’s Index last month got access to the limitless VR service and library of apps, games, and videos. It has a price tag of $13 per month, but there is a benefit for splurging on the device. Anyone with an Index can get 2 months of free access to Infinity during a promo lasting all over this month, whether or not you are already a member of Infinity.

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