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Iridium Communications And OneWeb Sign A Deal For Mutual Service

In recent time, Iridium Communications and OneWeb—two companies chasing various kinds of telecommunications businesses from the lower Earth’s orbit—stated that they will collaborate for a combined service offering. The firms inked an MoU (memorandum of understanding) during Iridium’s annual partner summit in Coronado, California. Matt Desch—CEO of Iridium Communications—said that his firm’s 66-satellite constellation doesn’t contend with broadband startup OneWeb since the firms utilize two different frequencies. Desch said to SpaceNews, “It will be rare that people would look and attempt to select one over the other for the use, as we both are specialized.”

Recently, Iridium completed Iridium Next constellation that utilizes L-band, which is a strong but lower throughput frequency. The firm intends to provide speed minimum of 1.4 megabits per second for data and voice services through a service known as Iridium Certus. Apparently, OneWeb has six of a proposed 650 initial satellites in the orbit that uses Ku-band, which is a higher frequency having a little weaker signal but the capability to transmit considerably more throughput. Dylan Browne—VP of the Government and Maritime Business Units at OneWeb—stated that the firm would be capable of delivering hundreds of megabits every second to its customers.

Recently, OneWeb was in the news as the internet space provider company stated that it would offer coverage to the Arctic by the end of 2020. OneWeb plans to supply “fiber-like internet” coverage to the Arctic by using the company’s proposed super constellation of satellites. The firm stated that it can present high-speed internet to boats, homes, and planes all situated higher than the 60th parallel north latitude. Reportedly, OneWeb is one of several firms aiming to supply internet from space by using a complicated array of ground stations and satellites.

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