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Tesla Introduces An Online Portal For Expanding Commercial Solar Business

Tesla has come up with a new commercial online portal for revamping its existing solar business. Through this portal, its customers can order large solar arrays with crystal-clear pricing along with a subscription model.

One of the most recent services launched by Tesla to boost renewable energy is solar rental service. Under this program, the company delivers solar panel system to proprietors with a monthly charge of just $50.

Now, the company is launching similar services for commercial solar business through the new commercial online portal, offering a variety of solar arrays ranging from 40 kW to 240 kW of capacity. The customers opting for Tesla’s 240 kW-powered solar systems have to pay merely $1 per watt, after neglecting the incentives.

After the attractive discounts being offered by Tesla on subscription, the effective electricity price for California potential customers would reach as low as $0.10 for 1 kWh, in comparison to the average electricity price of $0.18 per kWh.

On a related note, in this rapidly emerging electric vehicle market, automakers are no doubt focusing to secure the raw materials and resources for future that will be used to build such cars. Toyota is focusing to secure inventory of batteries, for which it has joined hands with Panasonic—a battery-manufacturing firm. On the other hand, Panasonic is already supplying its product to the global leading EV manufacturer, Tesla.

According to a report published by Reuters last week, Toyota has started incorporating Panasonic-manufactured cylindrical batteries used by Tesla. These Tesla-type batteries are equipped in several Chinese plug-in hybrid models, which include China-based Toyota Levin and Toyota Corolla models.

Earlier this year, Toyota and Panasonic signed an agreement to manufacture EV batteries together. After Tesla opted for Panasonic to develop batteries for its premium vehicles, the production rate of Panasonic has reached full potential.

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