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Measles cases around the world show a sharp spike in the past two years

Measles, considered as one of the most contagious human diseases around the world is making a slow but steady comeback yet again. So far the things seemed to be in control according to health experts. In a report published by the WHO and the CDC, it is stated that there were around 10 Million cases of measles reported last year. There was a measles outbreak in almost every continent.

Estimates say that last year around 140,000 people died of measles. The number of deaths has been increasing from an all-time low of 90,000 in 2018. This year so far till now has been even worse. Things seem to be the worst in Asia and Africa where numerous people have died so far this year. In the tiny island nation of Samoa, things have reached so far the government has closed the schools indefinitely as has been the Government offices and other institutions so that people can get vaccinated from the disease. In the African nation of Congo, there have been reports of 50,000 lives lost due to measles since January.

Kate O’Brien the top executive for immunization at the WHO says that there has been an increase in the number of cases reported and deaths since 2018. This means that instead of actually making some progress we are going backward. She blamed it on the careless attitude of people and the lack of awareness among the people for getting vaccinated against measles as the reason behind the increase in the number of deaths.

She also says that most of the cases reported have been in the poor countries where due to the lack of infrastructure facility the vaccines do not reach the kids at the proper time so that they can be vaccinated. The government also does not seem to be coming out with some initiatives from its side neither is it helping the world health body to extend its arms of help.

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