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Bigscreen To Virtually Distribute Movies Made By Paramount Pictures

Thanks to VR, you do not always require taking a trip to the movie theater to take pleasure a completely interactive cinematic experience. Bigscreen (the movie-watching service) is leading by example, this week declaring that it has inked a multi-year agreement to virtually distribute Paramount Pictures films.

The virtual cinema app by Bigscreen was a primary portion of the Oculus Quest roll out, permitting users to employ a VR machine to see a film in simulated surroundings such as in a retro cinema or around a campfire. Consumers can see along with buddies comprising sharing audio and customizable avatars.

Earlier, viewers could see a streaming platform such as Twitch or Netflix in a Bigscreen environment, or join multiplayer room of a friend to see a shared desktop. With the latest system, they can join group displaying movies they do not control, which are shown in a virtual theater. The first films being displayed in December comprise Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Interstellar, and Star Trek.

There will be a rotating timetable of four new films displayed every week, and viewings will be planned every 30 Minutes. Most of them will be 2D screenings, but some will be displayed in 3D as well with the help of VR tech. As well as seeing the movie, consumers can voice chat in the virtual lobby and hang out with other movie buffs.

Bigscreen will launch its first films this week, available in Canada, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia.

On a related note, you can forget about looking at that VR camera from IMAX and Google. The media earlier learned that the two firms have stopped work on the movie-quality 3D tool. IMAX might only claim that it had “presently stopped the progress” of the camera while it probed its VR theater pilot project.

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