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T-Mobile CEO John Legere isn’t taking the WeWork CEO Job

According to sources, John Legere is not leaving T-Mobile to join as the CEO of WeWork. John has no plans to leave T-Mobile right now. According to souse Legere is a key candidate for the WeWork CEO position.

According to experts Legere’s decision was right otherwise it would lead to a conflict of interest. The major owner of WeWork is Soft Bank Group. It is also the largest stakeholder of Sprint whit whom T-Mobile’s merger is still in progress.

T-Mobile and Sprint have not commented on the matter as yet. WeWork an office share start-up company had been struggling with mammoth loses recently. The issues started cropping up due to its expansive policy and the inability of its top management to prevent the rising loses. It led to the investors losing their faith in the company. As a result, their plan to launch its IPO was delayed. Among rising pressure from the investors then CEO Adam Neumann resigned.

At the helm of the company now are co-CEOs Artie Minson, the former chief financial officer of the company and former vice-chairman at WeWork Sebastian Gunningham. They also have not responded to anything on the company’s behalf of Leger’s decision.

 Some sources also told that Legere was never a leading candidate for WeWork CEO position. Legere has a unique style of going about his work and has a very good track record of operational success. Since taking up the top position at T-Mobile and the failed merger with AT&T he has turned the company’s fortunes around. T-Mobile is now the fastest-growing US wireless carrier.

Moreover, the Legere’s decision was influenced by the fact that the merger of T-mobile and Sprint is also hanging. The deal which is worth $26.5 billion has got its approvals from the Federal Communications Commission and the Us Department of Justice. But there is a lawsuit filed against the deal by 18 attorneys which could delay or cancel the merger.

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