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Once in a month contraceptive pills discovered by scientists.

Over 15 million people in the United States usually spend a few seconds each day as they try to locate and swallow a pill for birth control. If a tablet which has contraceptive hormones is being swallowed every day in the same window of three hours, the method is nearing towards being ironclad. However missing a day or getting off-schedule sometimes means that the rate of 99% for the prevention of pregnancy will begin to see a dip. It has been observed that faltering is inevitable. In the United States, almost 9% of the people who use the birth control pills end up becoming pregnant in any year.

IUDs and a few more forms of contraception have been found to be more reliable. However a lot of people use the pill because of its price being lower and its availability over the counter instead of a trip to the doctor and having a hormone emitting device which is going to be under the skin. For a very long time, the researchers had been trying to merge the advantages of both.

A supply of hormones which lasts longer is simple and similar to swallowing of pills. The stomach though acts as a nemesis for it by secretion of juices and sending waves which make it difficult to maintain the independence of reproduction through oral medicines.

A solution has been created by a team of scientists who had earlier come up with slow-release pills for treatment of tuberculosis, malaria and HIV. However for the first time they were able to demonstrate how the same technique can be used for a drip of the contraceptive hormones by the use of pills which stay in the body for 29 days.

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