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DXC Joins Hands With UTS To Start DTC In Sydney

DXC Technology has joined hands with the UTS (University of Technology Sydney) to start its first in New South Wales and its 4th DTC (digital transformation centre). Located at the UTS FEIT (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology), the DTC will be employed to assist facilitate partnership between academia and industry, as per senior managing partner for analytics, consulting, and system partners at DXC, Kevin Jury.

“In essence it offers a mutual environment that boosts the incubation of ideas and then tests those ideas by binding together processes, people, technology, and systems,” he claimed at the launch this week. “Gradually, firms are seeking for partners in makeover who can bring a variety of perspectives together to co-create, identify, and solve the most essential hurdles that the industry and their workforce encounter now.”

“This is completely relevant for businesses that are embracing new digital tech and who are supporting a labor force undergoing change and disruption.” The launch of the Sydney DTC includes to the current Australia DTC network that are located in Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide. This is the first industry joint venture for UTS. Ian Burnett (FEIT dean) claimed that the industry joint venture is a focus for both the faculty’s strategy and the university’s 2027 strategy.

“The hub is a fantastic instance of operating with a firm and conveying that firm into the university,” he claimed. “We think in offering our students actual-world learning experience. Our students for engineering will do 2 internships where they will work in the sector, but it is also essential to make some industry joint ventures come in and persuade our students. “This hub will offer our students many more chances to slot in with industry to create and collaborate not only with DXC, but associates with DXC.”

DXC Technology Australia in September clocked statutory net loss after AU$101.8 Million worth of tax for last fiscal, down from the net profit of AU$377,000 clocked a year before.

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