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Brushing thrice a day can reduce risk of heart diseases.

A significant study has determined that the brushing of teeth a minimum of thrice in one day can be responsible for the reduction of heart illnesses by over 10 %.

The ones who researched had linked it to the lowering of heart failure risk and also the atrial fibrillation which is a condition in which the heart rate is irregular.

There is a thought that the frequent brushing helps in reduction of bacteria which dwell between the gums and teeth and prevent it from getting into the bloodstream.

The scientists who did this study had been based out of South Korea made an examination of the connection between the heart problems and oral hygiene as they made a study of as many as 161,000 people who had been in the age of 40 and 79.

There is a routine examination which they went through between the years 2003 and 2004. At the time the follow-up happened after 10 years close to 5% of these had developed a failure in their heart and an atrial fibrillation of 3%.

Brushing the teeth over three times a day saw the people who followed be at a 12% lower risk of failure of heart and a reduced risk by 10 % of atrial fibrillation.

Their findings had been independent from factors including financial status, age, regular exercise, sex, body mass index and alcohol consumption. There are other studies too which have shown that the oral hygiene being poor can lead to blood being affected by bacteria which causes inflammation in bodies.

This leads to an increased risk of heart failure and a heartbeat which is not regular. The ability of the heart to pump blood and relax is impaired.

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