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Ketamine may reduce heavy drinkers craving latest reports say

Latest research has found out that ketamine can be used to reduce the use of alcohol for those who are highly addicted to it. It can significantly reduce the urge to drink alcohol.

The experts said that the findings may have to be examined further but the results of the research were accurate according to the group of researchers who were doing the research at University College in London.

Ketamine is used as an anesthetic, sedative and pain killer. It is most commonly used in animals. It has hallucinogenic effects and is often known as a ‘party drug’. When the ketamine was used it immediately made people forget their memories but the drug had reduced the urge to drink alcohol. The persons on whom the tests were being conducted said that they had reduced their dependence on alcohol and its consumption quite easily with a period of nine months.

But ketamine is not very beneficial for the human body and may have consequential side-effects. It is known to be used in persons who are suffering from an extreme level of depression. Ketamine falls in the category of class-B drug which means that it is illegal to carry, take or sell this drug. Its major side-effects include bladder problems, memory problems, and stiffness of muscles which can even lead to paralysis, depression and memory flashbacks.

The study was being done on 55 men and 35 women who were consuming more than 14 liters of beer a weak which is five times more than the prescribed limit. These persons were not undergoing any treatment for reduction in the use of alcohol. These persons were given two doses of ketamine in a measured quantity over a period of nine months and it proved to be highly beneficial as most of the drinkers had cut their alcohol consumption by more than half.

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