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Japan’s ANA launches a direct flight between Chennai and Tokyo

Last week was an important week for Chennai airport, as she enjoyed being the third airport in the country to have a direct flight from Japan. The Japanese flight company, ANA has launched a direct flight from this Indian city to Tokyo, making Chennai the third city in the country, after Delhi and Mumbai to accommodate a direct flight from Japan.

With the declaration of the same, the Chennai airport was busy in celebration, while ANA staffs were overwhelmed at it. In the declaration that the CEO of ANA made, standing at Japan, he mentioned that business relation between India and Japan is surely going to reach a new level and this declaration from the company has been a steady indication of the same.

From the Indian perspective, this has been a great scope for the southern part of the nation to have a direct relation with Japan, which would reach there without touching any other city of the nation. ANA has been in the mood of expanding themselves in the recent past, as they started the direct flights to Bangkok, on the last month, and this presentation has remained a clear indication of their intention of expansion.

Chennai has remained one of the preferred and practised areas for Japan in terms of industrial expansion and hence is the importance of the state and the city. The business world is eyeing this reason to be the main idea behind the expansion of ANA. Whatever the reason might be, people of Chennai and southern India will now enjoy their flight to Japan, and that has remained the declaration of the CEO, soon after the inauguration of the first flight between Chennai and Tokyo, last week. Experts gave a view that this very thing would emphasise an expansion in the living style of the region for sure.

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