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Wikipedia Co-Founder Needs To Give You An Option To Twitter And Facebook

Almost 2 Years back, Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder) rolled out Wikitribune, an online publication intended to deal with false news with true stories by “citizen journalists” and reporters. Wikitribune never actually caught on, so now, Wales is taking some actions. Wikitribune is launching it again as WT:Social, a news sharing platform and social-media site. He expects it will be an option to Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to those services, WT:Social will allow consumers share articles. But WT:Social will be supported financially by donations, instead of advertising. “The social media companies’ business model, of only advertising, is problematical,” Wales claimed to the media in an interview. “It seems that the huge winner is content with low quality.”

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which employ algorithms to shifts posts with the most likes or comments to the top, WT:Social will display the latest links first. It might include an “upvote” option in the future.

WT:Social will also support niche, small societies. Those seem wholesome now, but we have seen how small societies can fester online. WT:Social commits, “We will boost an environment where hackers are eliminated since it is right, not because it abruptly impacts our bottom-line.”

WT:Social will be free to enroll, but currently, you either have to log in for a waitlist, invite friends, or donate. Only a month old, it already has 50,000 consumers, Wales claimed to the media.

On a related note, The North Face (the apparel firm) actually used to some less-than-conscientious methods to make sure its gear stood out in results when searched. The media claimed that Leo Burnett Tailor Made (the ad agency) and The North Face confessed to having “unprofessionallyinfluenced” Wikipedia for the purpose of marketing. In a clip, the two companies claimed they switched Wikipedia images with their own to make sure that North Face might show at the Google’s top when people looked for adventure.

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