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NASA’s rover finds more oxygen on Mars than anticipated

After over six years of inhaling the frigid and thin air of the red planet, a rover from NASA has made a discovery which is startling. The amount of oxygen gas which has been discovered in the atmosphere of Mars is more than what had been expected by the scientists and there has been a strange pattern of behaviour which has been observed.

In the summer and spring of mars, the oxygen levels of the plant see a spike of an additional 400 parts/million which is 30% more than the expectation of the researchers for seeing on the basis of the behaviour pattern of other gasses in the atmosphere of the planet. The spike in oxygen has been co-related to one more mystery related to gasses in the atmosphere of the planet which is the ebb and flow seasonally of Mars’ atmospheric methane.

A planetary scientist named Sushil Atreya claims that they have been fooled again by Mars. Sushil is a scientist at University of Michigan and has been a part of this team which has reported the results of oxygen being odd.

Although they are tempted in thing that photosynthesis will happen when they hear about the atmosphere having oxygen. It is the non-living processes which are making the oxygen on the planet and these findings cannot be called as an evidence of finding. It does highlight the problems with our understanding of the surface chemistry of the planet. These are gaping holes which are needed to be filled if there is a need for hunting any evidence of Martians in the past or present.

There are four nations which would be launching their missions to Mars in the next year.

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