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Twitter Will Try Auto-Emojis To Prevent You From Dunk-Tweeting

Twitter needs us to be a bit more aware of the way we employ replies, quote tweets, and retweets. In an attempt to mitigate some of the issues these features can lead to—ratio, pile-ons, and dunking—it is disclosed that it is planning a few experiments in the weeks to come, developed to assist us reflect more cautiously on how we employ the service.

Talking to the media, David Gasca (senior director of product management) clarified the small alterations afoot. First of all, Twitter will include an emoji to a retweet, permitting consumers to quote-tweet without employing the compose field. This, he claims, can assist put an end to tedious retweeting and offer consumers break for thought before participating in a dunk-on.

Next, Twitter will suggest people automatically in their replies to use an emoji—for example, heart eyes—but if you select an off-putting emoji, Twitter will query, “Why do you oppose?” Expectantly, Gasca claims, this will motivate considered debate, instead of an out-and-out flame battle.

The planned experiments follow a number of other programs developed to bring additional balance to the platform. Previous week the firm declared it was barring political ads (with some hopes) while Dantley Davis (Twitter research VP) clued at a number of functions that can arrive in 2020, comprising removing mentions and more managements over retweets. Gasca claimed that the firm has “huge ambitions” for next year, claiming that, “We are definitely serious about altering how chats take place on Twitter.”

On a related note, has the Twitter timeline been more jumpy on your iPad or iPhone? This week Twitter acknowledged the “irritating” problem, and now an upgrade to deal with it is launching via the App Store. It is vague if it was supposed to be a seamless inclusion of new posts that just did not behave properly.

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