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Supplements of fish oil possess no effect on depression and anxiety

According to a recent research done by the East Anglia University, omega-3 fats possess no or very little effect on depression and anxiety. Augmented intake of omega-3 fats is widely promoted all over the globe due to a common belief that it will reverse, or even protect conditions such as depression and anxiety. But recently a systematic review was printed in the British Journal of Psychiatry, finds that no benefit is offered by the supplements of omega-3. Basically, it is kind of fat. Consuming it in small amounts can be good for health and it is found in seeds, nuts and fatty fish, like salmon.

Omega-3 fats are readily available, and they are widely bought and used. Thirty-one trials of teens were looked by the research team with and without anxiety or depression. Nearly greater than 41,470 participants were randomized to eat more long-chain fats of omega-3 such as fish oils, or maintain their normal consumption, for 6 months at least. It was found by them that, the supplements had very little or no effect at all in preventing symptoms of anxiety or depression. Our past study has demonstrated that supplements of long-chain omega-3, comprising fish oils, don’t defend against situations like diabetes, stroke, heart disease or demise, said Dr. Lee Hooper, who is lead author of the study.

Information from numerous of people over long period was included by this large methodical study. And defensive effects have not been seen, regardless of all this information. Oily fish is a very nutritious food constituting to a balanced diet, said Dr. Katherine Deane. But there is no shown value in people consuming supplements of omega-3 oil for the treatment or prevention of anxiety and depression. Considering the environmental concerns regarding the impact it is having on fish stocks, it appears useless to continue to take fish oils which gives no benefit. WHO had been funded the research.


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