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Tesla and Walmart settle their dispute out of court

The lawsuit of Tesla with Walmart which is a retail giant from America has now been closed as per a joint statement which had been made by the two concerned companies. Walmart had filed a complaint in the month of August of 2019 in the Supreme Court as it alleged that the solar panel by the company which makes electric cars had been the cause of the fires caught at their roofs at a minimum of seven of its locations in the United States.

On the 4th of November, Walmart had requested the case to be discontinued as it ended the lawsuit with Tesla voluntarily. On the following day, the two companies had announced that this case had now been thrown out and they would be resuming their work towards building a sustainable energy future together.

Their statement has said that the two companies have now resolved the issues which had been raised by Walmart concerned with the solar installations of Tesla at the stores of Walmart.

The statement also said that  safety is a major priority for each company and the concerns which had been raised are being addressed as both the companies are now looking forward to the re-energization of the systems for sustainable energy in a safe manner.

The details of the agreement which has exactly taken place between both the companies is not known since it had been settled outside the court however the approval of the court and the final dismissal of this case is projected to happen soon.

Soon after this lawsuit had been filed, both the companies had announced jointly that they are going to work together for the resolution of the solar panels.

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