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Surgeon implants Electrodes in brain of a patient who has opioid use disorder

Electrodes have been implanted by a surgeon in the brain of a patient who suffers from a severe case of the opioid use illness in a hope to cure the intractable craving of the man for drugs in a first of a kind procedure which has been performed in the United States.

This device which is called the deep brain stimulator has been designed for altering the functioning of the circuits in a man’s brain. It has also been used with different degrees of success for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, depression and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is being seen as the last option therapy after standard care like medicines fail to reduce the cravings of a patient for drugs.

The device which functions a lot like the heart pacemaker had been implanted by the executive chairman, Ali Rezai of the Neuroscience institute in West Virginia University Rockefeller. The patient who was a hotel worker and was 33 years of age named GerodBuckhalter had said that he is not able to stay sober for over four months ever since the age of 15 even after trying different types of medicines and had other treatments both inpatient and outpatient.

He is the first of the four people who are part of a pilot program, the aim of which is to demonstrate that this technique is safe and a clinical trial of full-scale can be conducted.  This is aimed only at a small percentage of abusers who are most resistant to treatment for their cravings of opioids and face overdoses and relapses for a life time along with the other consequences which come with addiction.

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