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Uber Extends Its Pro Reward Offer To Uber Eats Delivery Employees

For the last year, Uber has been dealing with the perception that it treats it workers poorly with its Uber Pro initiative. Below the scheme, top drivers in Australia, the US, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, and France are entitled for rewards such as discounted car maintenance and free tuition costs. Now, the rewards are being extended to Uber Eats delivery associates too.

The no-cost tuition is for Arizona State University’s online classes so drivers can operate towards an undergraduate degree. There are over 80 undergraduate degree initiatives accessible from the university along with a certificate in entrepreneurship and 8 levels of English language courses. Drivers can opt for the courses themselves, or provide the courses to a blood relative.

Apart from this, Uber is joining hands with Subway to provide free drinks, 6-inch subs, and cookies to Pro drivers. The Daily Snack deal provides free food from 10,000 Subway locations that took part and will be shown on the driver application. To be entitled for Uber Pro, drivers must sustain very high user ratings, and they should gather points in a tiered system to grab the rewards.

On a related note, Uber is making a larger push into financial services and payments by setting up a department dubbed as Uber Money. Amongst the programs Uber has under the sleeves is paying its over 4 million couriers and drivers after every ride. It aims to do so via its no-cost mobile bank account, which it is incorporating into the app for Uber Driver.

The firm is renovating its Visa debit card to provide as much as 6% cashback on gas buyouts. Drivers can employ it to withdraw at GoBank ATMs from their account with no charges. Uber is also reviving its no yearly credit card fee. Cardholders can get 5% in Uber Cash when they shell out money on Uber services, and almost 3% on other buyouts.

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