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Smartphone Sales Are Increasing For The First Time In 2 Years

Handset sales have been declining for the past 2 years as users are tired of upgrading their devices constantly and make an attempt to hold for longer onto them. The cycle of upgrade carries on ultimately, though, and a new report by Strategy Analytics (the data analysis company) displays that worldwide handset shipments increased by 2% this quarter in comparison to previous year.

Sales increased in Q3 2019 to 366.3 million units as compared Q3 2018’s 359.8 million units sold worldwide. Director at Strategy Analytics, Linda Sui, thinks that this development is owing to solid competition reducing costs and users opting for 5G connectivity and bigger displays.

The development in this quarter was boosted majorly by Huawei and Samsung, with Samsung sales increasing 8% in comparison to this time previous year and Huawei sales increasing by a huge 29%. Samsung succeeded with its roll out of the Galaxy Note 10, and Huawei overtook current regulatory problems in North America by increasing its Chinese sales.

In the case of Apple, sales fell actually by 3% as compared to the previous year. On the other hand, Strategy Analytics thinks Apple has started to stabilize due to affordable iPhone 11 costing and elevated demand all over the United States and Asia.

Other brands creating significant sales comprise Xiaomi that sells mostly in China and India, but is encountering competition from Realme and Huawei, and OPPO, which is extending into Western Europe from China.

On a related note, Evan Blass (the perennial leaker) has shared what seems like our first official look at the upcoming foldable screen RAZR phone by Motorola. On the contrary to the fan render Motorola employed to showcase the handset earlier May, the picture that Blass shared seems to be an official marketing picture. Naturally, the handset seems a lot similar to the original RAZR, full with a broad bottom lip.

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