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Juul’s stops sale of flavored e-cigarettes, but that won’t alter Trump’s plan

While conversing with the press, Alex Azar stated that the government of America will not deflect from removing flavored electronic cigarettes which are for sale even if Juul has stated that it will stop selling most of the flavors. Last week one of the spokesperson of Juul stated that the company will discontinue selling its crème, fruit, cucumber and mango nicotine pods. Juul had stopped the sales of all of these flavors inside of bricks-and-mortar stores as it got pressure from the FDA.

Azar also stated that it is mandatory for companies to stop attracting kids by putting nicotine products for sale. He further made it clear that neither the president nor he will stop doing what they had planned for. During the month of August Ned,Sharpless and Azar stated that the government is formulating a plan with which all flavored electronic cigarettes will get removed and FDA will review over them. They further stated that once FDA clears those flavors they can be put for sales by the company.

Though Sharpless and Azar had made companies aware about the plan more-than a month ago but still they haven’t provided any detail. Initially, the administration had stated that they will only remove menthol and mint products and they will leave only those e-cigarettes which are tobacco flavored. On Thursday Mitch Zeller stated that the administration is trying hard enough to put a ban on the flavor.

Few days back one of the spokesperson of Juul stated that the company will keep selling menthol and mint flavored e-cigarettes. As per one analyst, it is very easy for young people to get addicted to smoking by the use of menthol flavored product. This favor provides coolness to the throat andmasks any harshness related to cigarette smoke. As per one of the individuals of CDC near about half of the minorpopulation i.e. those who are between 12 to 17 years of age smoke e-cigarettes which have menthol flavor.

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