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Shares trade higher on the hopes of trade deal and rate cut

The shares in the world have steadied near the highs of two-month on Monday, which have been boosted by the reports of a possible trade deal happening and strong corporate earnings in United States while the dollar has traded close to the highest in one week prior to the rate decision by Federal Reserve.

The All Country World Index by MSCI that does the job of tracking shares in 47 countries had been up by 0.04% on this day. This was just below the highest level after July 27th.

However the shares in Europe fell as a glum outlook of profit from HSBC had offset the gains by the mining and auto stocks.

The pound rose slightly after it was agreed by the European Union to extend the Brexit deadline till the 31st January next year. It rose 0.06% at $1.2844

The bond yields of Eurozone saw a rise as they anticipated the decision by EU after it had been said that EU was very likely to grant one.

The experts have said that the markets are more likely to go into a standby mode ahead of the rate decision to be taken by the Federal Reserve on this Wednesday in the wake of the developments which have been going on in the trade negotiations between US and China and the season of corporate earnings.

The officials from China and USA are nearing a finalization on a few parts of the agreement of trade after some high levels of telephonic discussions which took place on Friday as per the office of the representatives of Trade and Commerce Ministry of China.

Donald Trump, the President of United States has been saying that he has hopes of signing the deal next month with Xi Jinping, the President of China.

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