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Workers from the closed factories fight against the new contract by GM

The workers at the General Motors’ factories which have been closed have been giving a message to other workers. That message is that if the plants of these workers can be closed, the plants of other workers can be closed too. The three shuttered factories did not get any new products under the tentative contract agreement which had been reached between the UAW and GM. The United Auto Workers have been on strike against the company all across United States for more than six weeks.

Close to 2,000 employees who had worked once at the GM transmission plants near Detroit and Baltimore and at Lordstown which had an assembly plant have been stressing on this message in this week as the union members are going to cast their vote on the new four-year deal.

This approval may end the walkout which has crippled the production of GM and created costs to the company at an estimated amount of $2 billion.

Majority of the workers who had lost their jobs at these sites have been scattered all across this country after being transferred to the other factories of the company so their presence extends to almost all the plants of the automaker

Though, a few are hopeful that this contract which comes with a signing bonus of $11,000, rise in pay and a lot of other goodies for the factories which are staying open can be torpedoed.

The workers though are not optimistic and are going to vote against the pact as they worry about the lack of commitment in the contract against the closing down of factories in future and with the current closing of factories, this is their biggest worry.

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