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Apple Will Fix No Power Issues With Some iPhone 6s For Free

Some iPhone 6s Plus and 6s handsets might refuse to switch on suddenly owing to failure in component, and Apple has rolled out a repair initiative to solve them with no extra cost. While the tech behemoth did not claim what components are prone to failure, it claimed that the problem only impacts devices produced from October 2018 to August 2019. That is after Apple stopped the model from manufacturing in the US after the declaration of the iPhone XR and XS, but as media noted, the firm carried on trading the 6s models in specific markets such as India.

If your iPhone 6s is comparatively new and just declined to turn on one day, you can verify its serial number on the official page of the program and see if it is entitled for the free fixture. Take note that the firm claims it “might limit or restrict repair to the original region or country of purchase,” so you may be out of luck if you purchased your device abroad. If your handset is entitled for free repair, however, and you already paid to have it repaired, you can contact for a refund to Apple. The program will cover all impacted handsets for 2 years after the buyout, so the program will probably be accessible until 2021.

On a related note, Apple has declared that it will start confirming 3rd-party repair shops, broadening the number of stores that can repair your broken handset. The firm has claimed that it will provide 3rd-parties the same “genuine tools, parts, repair manuals, training, and diagnostics.” It means that, on paper, any approved and verified store will be capable of offering screen and battery repair with Apple’s blessing. Jeff Williams (Apple COO) claims that the decision will allow small mom-and-pop repair outfits to get the same gear and tools as official repair shops.

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